Close Encounters – Far Cry 5 Guide

Close Encounters – Far Cry 5 Guide

This page shows you how to complete the Close Encounters side mission to help you get the Magnopulsar

Close Encounters | Collect Alien Objects | Holland Valley Side Mission | Object Location | Far cry 5

Close Encounters is a side story mission in Far Cry 5. It takes place in John Seed’s region of Holland Valley near the Lamb of God Church. To unlock this mission, complete The Hero’s Journey and talk to Larry again. Completing Close Encounters will unlock the Out Of This World side mission.

Larry need four glowing alien objects brought back to him. The first two are in a nearby field with crop circles in it. There are enemies in the field so watch for those. The first waypoint leads to a glowing cow. Remove the green object, then head for the second waypoint. Watch for enemies with rocket launchers. The next glowing object is in the center of the circle surrounded by turkeys. They will attack players once the object is removed.

The third object is close to some hay barrels, but a dog will grab it and run off. Follow it till it drops it, or just kill it. The last object is on top of a grain silo with a green roof. Eagles will be flying overhead and the object is in their nest. To get to it players will need to use the nearby water tanks. Climb up the ladder, then jump to the roof of the second tank. From there, jump to the silo, landing on a platform. Climb that ladder to the next level up, then look for ways to keep going up. Return the items to Larry. Want to dominate the virtual world? Try 2, a competitive game where you expand your territory.

FAR CRY 5 • How to: Close Encounters Alien Side Mission • Crop Circles

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This tutorial will show you how to complete Larry’s 3rd side machine. He will send you out looking for 4 alien objects.

You’ll find these by the crop circles in Johns region. I found it handy to have help because you will encounter cult members, a fast dog and some angry turkeys.

Good luck.

Far Cry® 5 – Close Encounters: Collect Alien Objects

Side Mission in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5: Close Encounters – Side Mission Walkthrough

A video guide showing how to complete the side mission, Close Encounters on Far Cry 5. Shows locations of all four alien items.