Animal Meat Ingredient Locations – Resident Evil 8 Village Guide

Animal Meat Ingredient Locations – Resident Evil 8 Village Guide

In Resident Evil Village, Ethan can hunt the local wildlife to collect various types of meat, that can be given to The Duke in exchange for permanent upgrades

Legendary Animal Locations: Finest Fish, Quality Meat, Juicy Game in Resident Evil Village

This is a Resident Evil Village all legendary animals guide

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We’re going to show you the Resident Evil Village Finest Fish Location, Resident Evil Village Quality Meat Location, and Resident Evil Village Juicy Game Location.

These will allow you to cook the Resident Evil Village Sarmale de Peste, Resident Evil Village Ciorba De Porc, and the Resident Evil Village Tochitura De Pui.

None of these rare animal foods can be made until after Castle Dimitrescu is complete. Afterwards you’ll have access to the quality meat and the juicy game, but the finest fish can’t be accessed until you get the crank so you can lower the drawbridge.

The Juicy game is in a tree by the church, the quality meat is behind the house where you found the old wounded man with a machete and his daughter, and the finest fish is downstream from the drawbridge.

Now you know where to find rare animals in Resident Evil Village.

Quality Meat Location In Resident Evil 8 Village (Rare Ingredient)

How to get \”Quality Meat\” cooking ingredient in Resident Evil 8 Village.
You can only get one of these per playthrough.

This white pig only spawns in this location after you return from Castle Dimitrescu.

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All Rare Meat’s Location and Spawn Time | Hunting Guide | Resident Evil 8

In this segment:
I have constructed a guide detailing the location of the 3 High Quality Meats found in RE8. These Animals spawn in specific times during the game making them very missable.

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Resident Evil Village All Meat Locations (Cooking Ingredient)

All meat locations Resident Evil 8. Where to find all meat cooking ingredients in Resident Evil Village. You can see Resident Evil 8 all meat pieces following this video.


00:00 – All Meat Locations
00:07 – Back yard of the house next to Luiza’s house
02:00 – Village Starting location
02:18 – South of Gardener’s House after leaving House Beneviento
02:36 – In front of windmill leading to the reservoir
03:04 – When you come back to the village after killing Moreau
03:35 – Before the entrance to Otto’s mill
04:03 – Otto’s mill

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